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Foto: Ulf Sommerwerck




Black Flag is
a service provider
for offshore races
on all levels


  • ensuring the success of events for both owners and sailors
  • managing the regatta for organizers
  • overseeing the shore organization for sponsors
  • acting as jointly used platform for race officials to offer their services


are teaming up:


Scorer auf dem Zielschif


  • Black Flag is the jointly used platform of the best race professionals worldwide to offer their services.
  • Race officials provide via Black Flag all-in-one solutions for regattas, which would not be possible by themselves.
  • Black Flag is a financially stable, long term successful company that works on a partnership basis.


Sailing develops into a
professional sport




  • Sailing becomes more and more professional. Simultaneously, the media landscape is changing.
  • That implies that regattas are becoming more and more complex, and need extensive knowledge for their execution.
  • The professionals of Black Flag are masters of this extensive management and are therefore contributing to the structural change of sailing.